Loretta Stamos: John Stamos’ Beloved Mother

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John Stamos is mourning  the loss of his beloved mother Loretta Stamos who passed away aged 75 at her home on Monday, Sept. 22.


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Mrs. Loretta Stamos was born Loretta Phillips in the US, but raised in England was once a swimsuit model. Loretta is on an English and Irish descent. She met Bill Stamos a handsome Greek restaurateur with whom she eventually  got married to. Bill Stamos passed away last June; John also tweeted beautiful words about his hero.

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She and Bill were blessed with three children, John born on August 19,  1963 and two beautiful girls Alaina and Jannen, while John got into showbiz, the Stamos girls became teachers.

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Alaina, 47, also known as Alaina Talarico lives in San Juan Capistrano, Ca with her husband Frank Talarico and their  four beautiful children.

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Janeed Stamos Rehling,  48, lives in Huntington Beach with her  husband Robert Rehling and  two children, daughter Madeline a talented and incredible beautiful dancer  and son Blake, who inherited his uncle John’s musical skills.


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Fans whо wаnt tо make a donation in hеr nаmе tо Thе Vanguard Cancer Foundation. Loretta set uр thе charity tо hеlр educate cancer sufferers аbоut personalized cancer treatment, аftеr hеr brother, Jake, survived a terminal diagnosis thаnkѕ tо ѕuсh аn approach.