Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson: Texas mom and daughter competing on Survivor


47-year-old Missy Payne and 20-year-old Baylor Wilson, are a Dallas mother-daughter duo competing on the new season of Survivor, premiering tomorrow! The Blood vs. Water, family-themed season from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, premieres at 7 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.


Missy is the owner of a competitive cheerleading gym (Cheer 4 Your Life), Baylor won the 2009 Cheerleading World Championship, but she has left cheerleading aside for her true passion, music.


Missy Payne is the founder of Cheer 4 Your Life. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Theater from University of Alabama, graduating in 1990; she also attended Texas A& M University-Commerce in 1999.

According to the c4yl page, Missy is also the Director, Manager, and Trainer of approximately 200 athletes in tumbling, competitive cheerleading, and preparation for performance as well as auditions.
Director of Summer creative arts camps including Solidaire and Kids Live.


Payne is most proud of her business, although she was never a cheerleader her business became very successful. Missy has an extensive career; her resume includes Cheerleading Choreographer & Trainer at Hillcrest High School ; Head Cheerleading Coach at  Parish Episcopal School ; Cheerleading Choreographer at First Baptist Academy. To see her full resume you can go here.

She says to be inspired by her parents and their teachings, other than training her girls, she also enjoys Water skiing, singing and video editing. She says she’ll bring to the show compassion, determination, leadership, respect, athleticism, sense of humor, the ability to dispute resolution and analyzation. Would that be enough? You can fin her on Instagram here.


Baylor was born in Colorado but grew up in Texas. She is a Student at Belmont University, she currently resides in Nashville, Tenn. On her CBS bio she says her inspiration is her mom and she enjoys Songwriting, snow skiing and yoga.

She describes herself as Entertaining, determined and passionate, she is also athletic, strong-willed and competitive and sounds pretty set on going till the end.


We got to give it to her, the gal already has her own website and very determined on following her dreams. She says on her page: “I absolutely love performing. I’ve always had a love for music; however, it only became my passion recently. I grew up in my mom’s cheerleading gym in Texas and cheered competitively throughout middle school and high school where eventually I won the Cheerleading Worlds competition in Orlando, Florida in 2009. It was during my junior year in high school that I picked up a guitar, taught myself how to play, and started writing songs.

Her mom better watch out! She also shares, she’s busy working on her music every day as she prepares her first album.

Find pretty Baylor on Twitter here, Instagram here.