Lisa Kennedy Montgomery Mtv VJ Kennedy on Michael Jordan Accusation


Alright if you grew up with 90’s MTV programing this is for you. You would certainly remember that face, although it has change a lot! Like everything from 20 something year ago! Well let me give you a hand, that is Lisa Kennedy Montgomery born September 8, 1972; she is an actress, former MTV host, political satirist and television personality and current host of Music in the Morning on 98.7 FM She stated during an interview she was a self described libertarian causing several negative comments.

Lisa graduated from Graduated from Lakeridge High School in 1990, she started working at MTV Networks in 1992 becoming the VJ for “Alternative Nation” but before that she started as an intern at a radio station in L.A. She left her job with MTV in 1998 and went off to UCLA graduating in 2005.

According to her Facebook page Montgomery speaks Italian, Modern Greek and French! Remember her with that quirky looking self and awful style??

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Now in current time she has flourished into a better looking wife and mother of two. Lisa is married to Dave Lee and have two small children together. She still has that odd personality of hers and certainly has kept her bold character alive releasing a memoir, titled “The Kennedy Chronicles,”wherein she writes about everything at the music video channel from the top artists of the day to random celebrity encounter! Including one with NBA legend Michael Jordan.

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The Jordan chapter in the book is titled, “MJ and the VJ,” she describes that during an outing to dinner with Jordan and Russell Simmons the awkward moment takes place when Jordan busted out some dice and wanted to “play for something,” saying that if he won, Kennedy had to come back to his hotel room with him! At the time she confesses she was still a virgin and a freaked out one thinking she would be severely hurt by the player if she actually went through with the deed! A witty Kennedy then turns the tables asking for Knicks tickets instead! Then the terrifying minutes ended when Jordan reminded her that he was married and offered her Nets tickets.

Lisa now 40, also mentions in the book a lot of big names from the MTV scene in the 1990s, including Andy Schuon, Richard Patrick, Henry Rollins, Lauren Levine, Johnny Rzeznik, Pat Smear, Billy Corgan, John Sencio, Dave Navarro and Matt Cameron. Definitely an interesting reading.

She currently lives with hubby and kids in Portland, Oregon.

You can find her on Facebook here.