Keith Nale: Shreveport Fire Capt./ Survivor Contestant

Keith Nale Survivor san juan

Keith Nate a fire captain from Shreveport, La is ne of the few contestants on Survivor San  Juan, but does Keith has what it takes to win the competition?

54-year-old Keith Nale took his son Wes, 23, along to join him on Survivor San Juan, Wes unfortunately was the 9th competitor voted out, but Keith has proven he is quite a toughie!

Keith was born on August 16, 1960 in Shreveport, LA. He describes hmself as an easygoing, hard working and funny husband to his wife Dana and father, Keith said he considers his famil  his personal claim  to fame.

Mr. Nale’s reason to be on Survivor is first and foremost the cash, but also to spend time with Wes. He knew he can win  because he is a great fisherman, hunter and a great swimmer. Hopefully  he is right and that will work on his behalf. what do you think? Can Keith Nale be the  new winner on Survivor?