Jubilee Sharpe War Veteran/ The Bachelor contestant

Meet Jubilee Sharpe

Jubilee Sharpe is one of the girls we met a few weeks among the women competing to get Season’s 20th Bachelor, Ben Higgins.

Season after season, we always get to see, those very uncomfortable moments between our guy and the women. This season, it will be Jubilee Sharpe the one who, apparently will have to go through an awkward moment with Ben.

According to US Magazine,  Jubilee goes with Ben to enjoy some nice food, but her tastes aren’t quite the same as his are. Jubilee ends up spitting out the food they try on their alone time!

Accoridng to her ABC profile, 25-year-old Jubilee Sharpe is a war vet, hailing from Fort Lauderdale, FL. She enjoys listening Country and R&B music. Her all time favorite movies include, Lord of the Rings, The Notebook, Newsies. She prefers the hot weather since she’s ‘anemic and always cold.’


She describes her typical Saturday as staying the whole day in bed watching movies in t he company of food and her cellphone. Can you blame the girl? She joined the military at the age of 18 and survived through 4.5 years of active duty! She is currently in school to become a Cardio Vascular Sonographer.

When describing the personality of her ideal guy, she said: ‘Reserved, intellectual, funny, laid back, easy going. Able to adapt easily.’ Doesn’t the able to adapt easily part, sounds like she might try to recruit him?!


Jubilee lived in Montana for 5 years and even though she loved it, she doesn’t consider herself exactly a country girl. Jubilee thinks Sunflowers represent a great metaphor for life because they are ‘simple yet so beautiful.’

Interestingly she said, she will only put her life in risk (riding a roller-coaster)  only if Ben kisses her first. Do you see that happening?

According to the site Reality Steve, Jubilee Sharpe –who has 8 tattoos –has also done some modeling in the past. Jubilee was born in Haiti and actually lived in an orphanage for some time.

According to her Facebook page, she turned 25 on January 16th!

Would the awkward time between them will be a deal breaker? Would she be eliminated next?

Don’t miss tonight’s episode to find out!

You can find Jubilee Sharpe on Twitter here.