Becca Tilley Chiropractic Assistant/ The Bachelor Contestant

Becca Tilley

Becca Tilley, the stunning chiropractic assistant from Louisiana was one of the contestants on the Bachelor 19 featuring Chris Soules. Soules picked Whitney Bischoff, sadly they split up while he was competing on Dancing With The Stars with pro dancer Witney Carson; Becca who also told the Iowa farmer she was still a virgin on their last date could have been a better choice for Soules, but she wasn’t sure if she was ready for a life in Chris’ small town; hopefully she can see herself in Higgins’  city of Warsaw, Indiana.

Last season of the Bachelor we had the great honor of meeting 27-year-old Becca Tilley. She was among the final three girls selected by farmer boy Chris Soules, the runner-up in season 19 is bach for a chance to find love in the 20 season of the Bachelor and she has been doing fine so far, but the fact that an advantage over the over contestants due to her prior experience  made the other girls a reason to complain about her competing again.


Becca Tiley was born on October 30, 1998 in  Shreveport, LA to a family of athletes her father Chris Sr., played at Louisiana Tech University and later was an assistant at Shreveport, La Evangel Christian where he coached his son-in-law Jacob Hester a NFL player with the San Diego Chargers who is married to Becca’s sister Katie Tilley now Katie Hester. Becca’s mom Nancy is for sure one elegant and very beautiful woman.



Mecca’s uncle Pat was a wide receiver with the St. Louis Rams (soon L.A Rams), her brother Chris Jr.  is also a football player at UNA Lyons. Besides her sister Katie, Ms. Tilley has two more sisters Hannah and Caroline. 



Becca graduated in 2008 from Louisiana Tech University.



After she graduated from College she  moved to San Diego where she found a job opportunity at Salon Salon in Rancho Santa Fe.


Besides tons and tons of photo of her family and friend Becca has a couple of photos of  this handsome young man who ewe assumed was once her boyfriend.


Becca Tilley’s other former flame is Dez Duron the sexy young contestant on the Voice also from Shreveport, LA who first started singing with his siblings in the Christian band Duron, like Becca’s dad and brother Dez was a football player at Yale University.


dez duron Becca tilley ex boyfriend pic dez duron Becca tilley ex boyfriend photodez duron Becca tilley ex boyfriend

Becca was also spotted with Robert Graham who like Ben Higgins was a contestant in the 11th season of The Bachelorette starring Kaitlyn.

Becca_Tilley_Robert_Graham_pic Becca_Tilley_Robert_Graham

You can find her on Twitter here.