Joseph Del Campo FBI Agent in Survivor

Joseph Del Campo

Joseph Del Campo is perhaps one of the most interesting characters to be part of this season on survivor: Khao Rong. Joe is the second oldest castsaway to ever play in the hit TV series.

Del Campo is a former FBI Special Agent who served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation for over 25-years. Accoridng to his LinkedIn, Joseph Del Campo, began his investigative career while serving as lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve, he was first assigned to foreign intelligence gathering responsibilities. Later, he was appointed a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of investigation.

while at the FBI, he was assigned a myriad of investigative cases, ranging from white collar and organized crime to crisis intervention, counter-terrorism, crime scene reconstruction, executive protection and violent crimes.

The Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native currently runs his own investigative agency called, The Excalibur Group, INC. According to its, page, The Excalibur Group, Inc. is directly linked to the traditions and investigative procedures of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Joseph, who also goes as Joe Del Campo, studied at the Father Judge High School. He studied Spanish as the University of Madrid and holds a MS, Educational Administration & Supervision from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

72-year-old Joseph Del Campo describes himself on his CBS bio as tenacious, daring and vigilant. He takes inspiration from the St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tenn. Which, primarily deal with pediatric cancers and no child is denied treatment on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.


The Vero Beach, Fla. resident believes he will be the sole survivor because he has ‘the mental and physical fortitude to successfully compete for 39 days in whatever challenges he faces.’ Let’s not forget his FBI years will definitely come in handy!

Wondering what interesting gadgets the FBI oldtimer would take to the island, Del Campo revealed he would like to bring a chair, a book and an IPod!

Alright so it might not be very FBI like objects but Joe sure will impress with his physique, he is a self described fitness devotee who enjoys hiking and backpacking in the mountains. Joseph Del Campo also keeps busy with classic car restoration and writing articles about military veterans for a local monthly magazine in Vero Beach, Fla. Joe also has a soft spot for dogs, he is a Volunteer at Florida Yorkie Rescue.

Joseph Del Campo is currently in a relationship with Linda Worsham. His eldest son, is a member of Hollywood Florida Fire/Rescue, Battalion chief, Chris Del Campo. Joe’s mom, Millie Del Campo, turned 95 last March.

You can find Joseph Del Campo on Twitter here, Instagram here.