JoJo Fletcher Real Estate Developer in The Bachelor 2016

Meet JoJo Fletcher

JoJo Fletcher, real name Joelle, is one of the ladies seeking to win Ben Higgin’s heart during the new season (20) of The Bachelor!

Fletcher who goes by her nickname JoJo, will make her TV debut tonight during the show’s season 20 premieres. Ben Higgins is looking for “someone with a genuine heart, someone who really believes in truth and authenticity.  And someone who hopefully has the same faith that I do so we can raise a family that way,”

Think JoJo Fletcher could be the one? Here is what we know about the lovely gal so far.

JoJo Fletcher is a Dallas, TX native. She is the daughter of a Persian mother and her father is a Tennessee native. She graduated from Baylor and recently began her own business.


According to Reality Steve, she started up her own real estate development company based on her initials, JHF Realty Development. She previously was a sales exec at Legacy Medical.

We also know she used to date Chad Rookstool who owns Chad Rookstool Salon in Dallas. Does anyone thinks it’s a little odd her ex’ is watching her dog? Oh, well.

Pretty Joelle is not the only one in her family with TV credits. She happens to be the half-sister of Ben Patton –who was one of the three main “bachelors” on Eva Longoria’s “Ready for Love” dating show on NBC.

The 24-year-old reveals on her ABC official bio, she is a country music lover. What she is not, is a book reader. When asked what her favorite book is and why she said: “To be honest I don’t read a ton of books. I more read articles. But the types of books I do like are self-help & empowering ones.”

JoJo Fletcher also said she would like to go to lunch with her grandfather who’s passed away, with Ellen DeGeneres and with Jesus to eat pizza and wine. Fletcher says she is average in the kitchen, she prefers hot over cold and would like to be a tomato and Taylor Swift.

Joelle keeps very active on social media. Her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts are all working and up to date.