Jane Safer 60 Minutes Morley Safer’s Wife

Jane Safer

Jane Safer is the wife of Morley Safer the longtime Canadian host of CBS’ 60 Minutes who passed away at the age of 84 at his home in Manhattan on May 19, 2016. His death came one week after he announced his retirement after 46 season with 60 Minutes, and four days after CBS aired a special tribute to Morley Safer’s spectacular 61-year career as a journalist. Morley is survived by his wife Jane Safer and their daughter Sarah Alice Anne Safer.

Jane Safer’s husband Morley was born on November 8, 1931 in Ontario, Canada to Max Safer and his wife Anna (née Cohn). Morley attended Harbord Collegiate Institute and Bloor Collegiate before his brief time at the University of Western Ontario. Before landing a job at CBS, Mr. Safer worked for several Canadian newspapers, he then became a producer and correspondent for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In 1964, became the London-based correspondent for CBS, a year later he started a CBS News Bureau in Saigon, Vietnam, two years after that he was named London Bureau chief, in 1970 he replaced Harry Reasoner on 60 Minutes.

Morley Safer spend 48 amazing years happily married to his wife Jane Safer, 75.

Jane Safer was born Jane Fearer on January 31, 1941. Mrs. Safer an alumna of the Not-for-Profit Management program at Columbia Business School also holds a BA from Harvard/Radcliffe and a graduate degrees from Oxford University in Social Anthropology.

She met her husband on July 4, 1968 in London. He proposed over the phone while he was covering the civil war in Nigeria and married on October 28 of 1968. They daughter Sarah Alice Jane was born in April, 1970. Sarah Safer graduated from Brown University in 1992, she works as freelance writer.

Jane Safer serves on the Boards of the New York Hall of Science, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian (NYC), and CECArtslink, Executive Director of Anthology Film Archives and of Survival International and currently a consultant to museums and performing arts organizations in Europe and the US.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to morley Safer’s wife Jane and daughter Sarah Safer throughout this time of sorrow.