Dolores Avery Making a Murder Steven Avery’s mother

Meet Dolores Avery

Dolores Avery is the mother of convicted felon, Steven Avery. Her son’s story is told in the Netflix documentary series, called Making a Murderer.

53-year-old Steven Avery has a lengthy criminal story dating back to his teens. He became known after he was wrongfully convicted for the rape of Penny Beerntsen. At the time, he was charged with sexual assault and served 18-years-in prison. A DNA test result, later revealed he was the wrong guy.

The Wisconsin man, was released in 2003. Following his release, Avery filed a $36 million civil lawsuit against Manitowoc County for his wrongful conviction.

Shockingly enough, only two years later, in 2005 he was again charged and convicted of a horrible crime. This time, he was charged in the horrifying murder of a young photographer named Teresa Halbach.

According to reports, Halbach was supposed to meet Avery at Avery’s Auto Salvage to take some photos for Auto Trader Magazine. That was the last day she was seen alive.

Steven said authorities were attempting to frame him for Halbach’s disappearance. He protested saying it was to make it harder for him to win his pending civil case. In June, 2007, Avery was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The documentary, released last December, has created a major interest in Dolores Avery’s son. According to websites and online petitions, including one on are urging a presidential pardon for Avery.


78-year-old Dolores Avery believes in her son’s innocence and has told media outlets: “I feel terrible for Steven.” “The cops lied!”

Dolores Avery watched the controversial trial her son went through almost a decade ago. The trial took a chilling turn when Brendan Dassey, Steven Avery’s nephew said he was instructed by his uncle to rape Halbach.

Dolores Avery currently resides in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. She is also the grandmother to Steven Avery’s four children from his marriage to Lori Mathiesen.

When asked about what she thinks the future for her son would be? A suffering Dolores Avery said: “I don’t know.”

Many seems to believe Dolore’s son is innocent. Do you? Was he the victim of Wisconsin legal system?