Daniel Ozuna- Justin Bieber’s New Girlfriend Jordan Ozuna’s Husband!

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Whoa! Is Justin Bieber’s new gal pal still hitched??? It would appear Justin is dating and has fallen in in love with a married woman! Oh- oh! We saw him being more than comfortable with 22-year-old model and waitress Jordan Ozuna at an indoor skydiving venue in Las Vegas last week. The joint actually banned Bieber for life when the rebellious star left without paying!



The 19-year-old pop singer was spotted canoodling with the married knock out! That we can’t deny she is hot! And here we want to introduce you to Jordan’s better half still, Daniel Ozuna.

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Daniel is a native from Honolulu, Hawaii and according to his Facebook he currently lives in Wilmington, North Carolina. The hunky guy attended Moanalua High School graduating in 2009. After graduation he entered the U.s Air force. He is a certified U.S Coast Guard and currently works for USCG.

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Daniel has a tattoo on his upper chest that reads:

id walk through hell for you

It was Daniel’s mother Kimberley Hershberger Ozuna who revealed that Jordan is still legally bound to her son Daniel, therefore she is still her mother-in-law! You know how it is, a mother’s got to do what a mother’s got to do! Even when that means to tell the world her son is being cheated! Daniel has two bothers, Christian and Joshua Ozuna.

Daniel’s mom also told the media the couple has been separated for about a year and that

They were very young when they got married; they’ll figure it out on their own,”

So do you think Justin knew this vital piece of info about his new romantic conquest?? And what does Daniel think?? Where they trying to work things out?? Uhmm Daniel’s MySpace still has a picture of the two of them by the way?? So is this definitely a deal breaker??

You can find Daniel Ozuna on Facebook here and on MySpace here.