Conner Combs Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers’ Boyfriend

Conner Combs

Meet Conner Combs; he is indeed one lucky guy, after all, he is the boyfriend of Sarah Rose Summers, Miss Nebraska who became Miss USA in 2018. Would you like to hear the rest of Connor’s story? Check it out.

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6’0″ Conner Ryan Combs was born on October 4, 1994, in Southlake, Texas. He is the son of Christina and Patrick D. Combs, ages 49 and 51, respectively. Conner has two brothers, Carson and Casey.

Pat Combs a former baseball player at Baylor was a member of the US Olympic baseball team that won the gold at the 1988 Olympics.

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Mr. Combs studied at Carroll Senior High School and East Texas Baptist University, where not only he graduated with a Masters in Business, but also like his old man played baseball. Nowadays, Conner works at Archetype Wealth Partners.

Conner and Sarah have been dating since December 4, 2016. You can find him on Instagram here.