Chuck Lorre’s Wife Arielle Mandelson Lorre

Arielle Mandelson Lorre

This pretty gal is Mrs. Arielle Mandelson Lorre aka Arielle Lorre; she is the third and young wife of television writer, producer and composer Chuck Lorre dubbed the King of Sitcoms.

As previously noted Arielle now Arielle Lorre is Chuck’s wife #3, prior to her he married Paula Smith in 1979, Paula was his business partner, wife of 13 years and mother of his two children, Asa, 37, and Nikki, 34.

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In May 2001, married wife #2 Karen Witter an actress, former Playboy model to whom he was married to until July 2010.

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Arielle Lorre, born Arielle Mandelson, a beauty, food, traveling, fitness and fashion blogger born on August 3, 1985.

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She created her blog The Blonde Files in late 2016, furthermore Arielle published her cookbook. Arielle and Chuck Lorre tied the knot in September 2018, after two years of dating.