Christopher and Lisa Avery-Wright- William Avery-Wright’s parents


To know the story of this heartbroken parents we first have to talk about their teenage son who lost his life with only 13 years old, after being ran over by a 4×4 outside his school in November 2011.

13 year old William Avery Wright was killed outside Worth School in East Grinstead in Sussex as he crossed a road to the sports fields. The young student was knocked down and killed by a Range Rover; that was the day Christopher and wife Lisa started living their “life sentence”

Now the couple find out in the most terrible way about their sons death; Christopher Avery-Wright is a 48 year old insurance stockbroker had been told of the accident and was racing to hospital from his office when he started receiving calls, texts and emails of condolence. Apparently the £30,000-a-year Worth School had announced William’s death before police had formally informed Mr Avery-Wright of his talented son’s tragic accident.

The Avery-Wright marriage decided to sue the school for alleged failures in their duty of care to their son; they claim William and his classmates should have been supervised by an adult as they crossed the B2110 to the school’s rugby pitches. But to make it even more devastating for them; this week Sussex Police confirmed that no criminal charges will be bought against either the school.

Mr Christopher Robin Avery Wright is British and was born in 1964. Christopher has held 3 directorships, 0 of which are currently active, and 3 are previous.The first directorship position was in 1994 at Wgf Property Investments Ltd.. Him newest directorship was with C.T. Bowring Limited where he held the position of “Insurance broker”. The company was established 31 Dec 1959 . Christopher has held 3 directorships, 0 of which are currently active, and 3 are previous.
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Lisa Avery-Wright, of Ellison Close 43, has pledged to continue battling because she feels someone should take responsibility.

She said: “It has been difficult to keep going but we won’t stop until we get to the end of the line.”

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Despite the Crown Prosecution Service not bringing charges, the family are pursuing a civil case against the East Grinstead school, claiming damages for William’s death.

William’s life was no doubt cut short, he was a keen golfer and belonged to Crowborough Beacon Golf Club; Worth School even made a announcement of his debut describing the young boy as a “fierce contestant”

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R.I.P little William.