Cassandra Collins- Jodi Arias’s Cellmate tells it All!

cassandra collins

Meet Cassandra Collins, she is the former cellmate of now internationally known killer Jodi Arias.

Collins, who shared a cell with Jodi Arias, claimed the 33-year-old threatened to kill Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez if she got the death penalty, and that is not all! According to the former cellmate revelations Arias, also showed a weird love fantasy for the prosecutor!

The eccentric looking Collins claims Arias threatened prosecutor Juan Martinez, saying if she got the death penalty, she would get revenge against him!

“She said that if she was given the death sentence.. she wanted to get her revenge… she knows inmates on the outs to do a mafia bow tie.. yeah. Cut his throat..”

Collins says Arias had a way with her fellow inmates.

I saw it first hand when I visited her jail pod back in January.  All of her cellmates made up signs saying “Jodi is innocent” and “free Jodi.”

“She manipulates.. tried to manipulate every inmate there.. and tries to control how they think about her case.  She’ll try to suffocate you with her version and her side.

When Collins was released out, she said she gave thanks to God, she felt like she was in “hell” having to listen to Arias delusional self.

And just why is Collins saying all of this? Why now? She says she is worried about Martinez’s safety,

“He need to get good security staff around him to make sure she can’t get anybody on the outs to solicit something.. to harm him or to hurt him… She’s very dangerous.. very dangerous.”

Now, comes the second wacky part of Collins claims, but that knowing like we know Arias, might be as well very possible. Cassandra who is now a free woman not only says Arias is “out of her freaking mind” but also said that, Arias who was convicted of murder for the 2008 death of Travis Alexander and is currently facing a second trial to determine how harslhy she will be sentenced—also showed a strange infatuation for Martinez, Collins remembered

“She asked me questions like why doesn’t Juan Martinez love me?

Report online mention Collins has a long history of emotional issues, but does not say why Collins was behind bars or how long she shared a cell with Arias.


Should we believe Cassandra Collins??