Brandi Weaver Gates – Beauty Queen/ Cancer Faker

Meet Brandi Weaver-Gates

Pretty Brandi Weaver-Gates is a former Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International but is also the woman who allegedly faked having cancer and raised money for such! Who would do something like that? She would.

Reports say Brandi has been arrested in Pennsylvania and is facing felony charges for allegedly raising thousands of dollars from donors whom she tricked into believing she was battling cancer.

The 23-year-old –who was charged with theft by deception and receiving stolen property –was arrested yesterday.

Police was prompted to investigate her after receiving an anonymous letter.

Brandi schemed people into donating for her cause for about two years; she went as far as having family members driving her to the hospital to get treatment. Last April she made $14K during an event called “Bingo for Brandi.”


Brandi Weaver Gates has been stripped from her title and the coordinators at Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International have asked her for her sash and crown. They said in a statement:

“When you deceive the public and take people’s money that is under the pretense of fraud, we will not tolerate those actions.”

Brandi was well aware that as a beauty queen she could accomplished many things by being a role model, spokesmodel and community leader; she told a newspaper last year:

“I didn’t know how to tell my family and even though they were there through it all, it still feels like (you’re) battling it alone because they don’t understand,”


Brandi’s fake cancer type was chronic lymphocytic leukemia, she claimed to people she was diagnosed in 2013. She went as far as shaving her hair but inconsistencies were there, including her hair never fell out, she couldn’t name any of her doctors, she told family members to stay in the lobby while she was supposedly getting treatment and no records show she was any at the hospitals she says she was.

Brandi Weaver Gates began having fundraisers telling newspapers her bills were pilling up and she had to put aside her three jobs, at Strawberry Fields, as a youth cheerleading coach and as a restaurant server.

Last month, she revealed she was “in remission” through her Instagram account.

Brandi is being held on a $150,000 bail.