Becky Weidow – The Bachelorette contestant Bryden Vukasin’s secret Girlfriend

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Ok, ladies are you ready for some eye candy when season 9 of The Bachelorette premieres on May 27?!!! Well for now we have our eye on Bryden Vukasin, the 26-year-old soldier who scored bachelorette Desiree’s second one-on-one date in Ojai Valley! Now in just a second you’ll see how appearances can be deceiving, just like mamma told you! This all American Montana guy who appeared like the perfect pick might become one of the most hated constants this season!

In Episode 5, set to air June 24, contestant Bryden Vukasin ditches Desiree because he’s “not feeling it,” but the truth that always comes to light is that he had a girlfriend named Becky Weidow waiting for him at home the entire time!

Now she is the one we want to talk about for now. Becky who is originally from Stevensville, Montana currently resides in the town of Missoula, Montana huh! The same town our contestant is; but not real shock there. Everything came to light apparently because Becky posted a photo of herself kissing Bryden shortly before he left for the show captioned, “I’ll be missing you.” Now to be fair this doesn’t prove that she knew he was going on the Bachelorette. He could have told her he was going out of town for some other reason that seemed plausible to her, right!

becky weidow

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Thruth is according to her linkdin she is a very beautiful, accomplished woman. Her father is Glenn Weidow and mother, Tina Cladouhos. She has a sister named Hillary Weidow and she graduated in 2010 from Stevensville High School and is expecting to graduate from Marketing at the University of Montana this year.

She previously held jobs as a waitress at Kodiak Jax and was also a Mary Kay consultant  She currently works as a marketing assistant at Windermere Real State and says about herself:

I am a very hard worker with career goals in mind. I love taking on projects and discovering faster and easier ways to get things done. I pride myself in my work ethic and my willingness to try new things. Willing to move and ready to start my career with my Marketing degree. I credit most of my marketing skills to my work outside of school with Realtor/Broker Diane Beck. Through marketing her business and her listings, I have picked up some excellent skills and tools to utilize in the business world.

Since the whole thing came to public knowledge Weidow made her Instagram account private but we discovered she currently has only one member of the Vukasin family on her Facebook account, and that would be Tristan Vukasin. You think she approved of boyfriend Bryden signing up to the reality or was she on the cheated just like Desiree??

Who do you think Bryden should stay with?? Personally both girls should give him the booth! You can see Becky’s Facebook here.