Åsa Hagelstedt- Swedish Politician Lars Ohly’s Wife

lars ohly-wife-asa-hagel

What is life without a little humor right! Swedish politician Lars Ohly accidentally posted a picture of the family jewels on instagram and although he rapidly removed the revealing image that didn’t stop it from going viral!

You would think, what is going on with politicians going naked! But the 56-year-old former Left Party leader posted the photo that was meant to show his new tattoo, which was intended to only be of Liverpool Football Club’s liver bird on his leg to the social media site but, he failed to do so and ended up flashing us all! This could be a good enough reason for politicians over the age of 40 to have some classes and learn how to use all the new media stuff.

The reactions have been fast and funny, with fellow former Social Democrat leader Håkan Juholt texted him to say, “I’d planned to grill sausages tonight but now it’s going to be chicken,”

Since we are getting personal with the man why not talk about his wife, Åsa Hagelstedt! The couple was involved first in an 8 year relationship before getting married. When Lars who is father of two from a previous marriage finally decided to pop the question he went all out! Ohly proposed to Asa Hagel Bergstedt at a live program on TV4 back in 2010, of course Asa replied with a “yes” to the leader of the left party at the time.

Asa who is 18 years younger than hubby Lars met while working together at a local party association, she currently lives with him at the couple’s condo just south of Stockholm City Center.


nobelfesten 2008


asa Hagelstedt-lars ohly-wifeAsa Hagelstedt

Asa was born in 1975, she says about herself: feminist, socialist, teetotaler, vegetarian, hammarbyare and dog owner

On an old blog of hers, she writes

I blog about everything that’s happening in my everyday life and issues in which I obviously have better ideas than they are in charge, like football, alcohol, gender issues, discrimination issues and anything else that is important!

In 2007 Asa had to quit her job as Communications Manager at IOGT-NTO because her blog publications about accusing artist Lasse Berghagen of being a **** buyer attracted much attention, at the time she said quitting it was her own decision. Her resignation was admitted and accepted the same day.

The couple has been photographed with a celebrity status everywhere they go, they attend all the major elite events, in 2010 they were seen competing on Skottvång alternative song contest. Before they got married she said during an interview she had no interest in having children, but she is still young maybe the now 39-year-old can change her mind?? Wonder what she think of her husband’s latest snapshot?? It’s nothing new to her after all.

See the pictures below under your own risk, unless you are Åsa Hagelstedt 😉

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