Anne Wojcicki- Google’s Co founder Sergey Brin’s Wife


Now we hear about Hollywood couples splitting up every day but when it comes to Internet Industry couples not so much! Might be because you think at these peeps like lay back, nerdy people who are sttle for life with their billions and little gadgets but here we have the exception; 40-year-old Sergey Brin and his wife of six years are calling it quits on their short marriage! They have two young children.

The couple has been reportedly living separately so it’s a done deal, a close source calls the split difficult but “absolutely amicable.”

So what do we know about soon to be ex-wife Anne Wojcicki? She is also 40-years-old, Anne E. Wojcicki was born July 28, 1973; originally from San Mateo County, California. Of course to become the wife of Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin who is now director of special projects at the Mountain View, Calif. search giant; let’s say you also need some brains and a B.S in Biology from Yale University, I think it does the trick definitely did for Anne.

She is a biotech analyst,biologist, and businesswoman! According to her LinkedIn profile she is the co-founder 23andMe a company that looks to analyze people’s DNA as a measure to prevent future health problems. Prior to all that Wojcicki graduated in 1996 from Yale; the same year she worked as an Analyst for Investor AB then in 2004 she moved on to Passport Capital working as a Healthcare Analyst and for the past seven years she has been Co-Founder / President Products at 23andMe.

Anne Wojcicki facebook

Anne is the daughter of accomplished parents; physics professor at Stanford University, Stanley Wojcicki -from where her hubby acquired a Ph.D. in computer science- and journalist and educator mother Esther Wojcicki. She has an older sister Susan D. Wojcicki 45, who graduated from Harvard and is an exec at Google.

She and Brin got married in 2007 in May, Wojcicki  met Brin because sister Susan was renting her garage to him and his fellow cofounder, Larry Page, as Google’s first headquarters. They became parents in December 2008 when their son Benji was born and again in late 2011 of a baby girl. Wojcicki who leads her biotech startup 23andMe is also running the Brin Wojcicki Foundation, along with Sergey; which has donated more than $5 million to the Parkinson’s Institute in the last three years.

I guess it’s a good thing they are in an “amicable” separation since the legal hustle sure will be fun since Brin invested in Anne’s company; although Anne should have nothing to worry about; being a power woman herself, her startup has raised $161 million total.

You can find the businesswoman and mother of two on Facebook here or follow her on 23andMe twitter here.

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