Amos Shook: Remains found in lake 43 years later

The remains of Amos Shook –a man from Caldwell Co. –have been found after 43 years. It was his daughter who asked his case to be looked at again.

Divers using sophisticated technology made the finding and once they recovered the green 1968 Pontiac they knew it was him.

The car matches with the one Shook was driving the day he vanished. On February 19, 1972 Amos who was at the time 44-years-old disappeared leaving no traces and his family with a mystery that has haunted them for over four decades.

Now the disappearance of Amos could finally be put to rest though investigators still have no idea how Shook ended up at the bottom of Lake Rhodhiss.

Although the body is yet to be formally identified, Caldwell County Sheriff’s Capt. B.J. Fore said it was highly likely they had found Mr Shook.


The lake is located about a mile from the home where Amos used to live. Reports say the local fire department pulled the car form the lake earlier this week –following the request of Amo’s daughter who was seeking for a copy of her fathers report –inside they found human remains along with Shook’s wallet and identification.

Amos served in the Air Force and was retired by the time he went missing. Police department couldn’t find any reports of Amos to give to his daughter so they decided to take a look at the lake, Det. Sgt. Shelly Hartley said “My belief is if you don’t find a car in 43 years, it’s in the water somewhere probably.”

And in deed, Amos and his car had been submerged in 30 feet of water for 43-years.

Amos Earl Shook was born in Watauga County in 1928. He left daughter Pamela and his widow Katie –who posted on the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Facebook page: “This is my husband’s car. For 43 years, we have had to live with this, not knowing anything. Now maybe we can put his body to rest. We have to go North Carolina Friday to be interviewed but God answered our prayers and we can have closure.”