Amira Ayeb: Chris Browns’ Stalker


Amira Kodcia Ayeb has been identified as the woman who broke into Chris Brown’s home earlier this week but this is not your regular stalking case, this girl is in another level! As in the wacky-level!


Get this! This girl is an aspiring singer from Tunisia and she actually believes she is Chris Brown’s wife! She refers to herself as Mrs. Brown in several online postings.

In a recent online message she says she’s in Malibu, Calif., “searching for her home.” She also states that her last name is Brown. Which it is clearly not.


According to a friend, Amira is a student at the University of Houston. She allegedly hoped on a bus and made her way inside Brown’s home May 2nd, at the time Chris was in Vegas celebrating his birthday.

On Wednesday she was found naked in Brown’s bed, having spray painted “Mrs. Brown” on his cars and “I love you” on his kitchen counters!


26-year-old Brown and his entourage knew something wants right when they found her clothes in the foyer, a few minutes later they found Amira on the singer’s bed! Chris took to instagram to tell the world what had happened while he was gone.

Amira was charged with felony vandalism and burglary, according to CNN and is being held on a $50k bail followed by a 5150 hold hopefully. This girl need a mental check-up!

Check her YouTube channel.