Sarah Brokaw: Journalist Tom Brokaw’s Daughter


New York Times best selling author and psychotherapist Sarah Brokaw, broke the silence about her reaction following her father’s cancer diagnose.

The daughter of NBC veteran journalist Tom Brokaw sits down with her 75-year-old father to talk about his battle with multiple myeloma, a cancer affecting blood cells in the bone marrow.


Her parents have been married for astonishing 53-years, a union that Sarah describes as “steadfast commitment, joy and passion.” She has two other sisters Jennifer and Andrea.

In the interview with her father, Sarah tells him about when she first realized in 2013 he was more sick than she thought and says “it was awful especially since [my son Archer] was only 6 months [old],”


Sarah continues “And I was mad, too. I thought, ‘You only had six months with him.’ I wanted to envision you playing baseball with him and fly fishing, and not knowing if that was ever gonna happen.”

During that 2013 incident the father-daughter duo recalled Tom had only been diagnosed four days before that incident and had shared the news only with his Sarah’s mother.


Sarah a licensed therapist specializing in relational dynamics, she is a psychotherapist, professional certified coach and philanthropist skilled at helping people on an individual—and communal—basis.



Author of “Fortytude” & Founder of the Wise Women of LA Discussion Series. She graduated from Duke University, earned a Masters in Social Work from New York University, and received her License in Clinical Social Work in both New York and California. She also received specialized training in working with families and couples from the esteemed Ackerman Institute.



According to her page, Sarah currently serves on the board of Equality Now, an organization whose aim is to end violence and discrimination against women around the world.

When she’s not working, Sarah spends her time surfing and is also a dog lover.

We are glad to know Sarah’s father is now in remission, you can read all about his and the family struggle on his new book “A Lucky Life Interrupted.”

You can find Sarah on Twitter here.