Alex Malarkey: The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven


It is not the first time we hear about Alex Malarkey, we first heard about his heartbreaking story of being paralyzed from the neck down after a nearly fatal car crash, he then was in a coma for two months and moved us all with his story. Now he is making news again but for an entirely different reason.


Alex who is the son of Kevin and Beth (divorced) was in a car crash at the age of six in 2004. At the time he said he visited heaven but in a sudden change of heart, he recently wrote an open letter admitting it was all a big lie!


Alex who is now a teenager clearly writes: “I did not die, I did not go to heaven. I said I went to heaven because I though it would get me attention.”



And oh boy was he right! A short while after he came back from coma and astonished everyone with his heaven story he and his father Kevin co-authored the book “’The Boy who Came Back from Heaven.” It’s been five years since the book was published and became a best seller.

The book is now being pulled from shelves.

His mother keeps a blog that you can check out here.