Mackenzie Deonigi: Dental Assistant/ The Bachelor 19 Cast


Meet lovely Mackenzie Deonigi, she is a member of the 30-women who showed up for Chris Soules, The Bachelor season 19!

According to recent spoilers, Mackenzie becomes jealous of one of the other contestants virginity! Truth is we have a few moms this season and Mackenzie is one of them, read more about her below. imagePin

Mackenzie is originally from Seattle, WA. According to her Facebook account, she is a dental assistant at Premier Periodontics.


Lovely Mackenzie calls herself the selfiequeen.


What is in fact true, is that you can find loads of photos of her with her cute little boy Kale on her Instagram account. She is clearly a proud mama!


It is not known exactly, why she and Kale’s daddy parted ways, but the couple used to be tight not long ago, even after Kale was born she posted photos of the former family of three looking happy. And yes his name is Kale like the vegetable, kale is definitely one of the healthiest and most nutritious foods on the planet just as this kid will be. Here is an awesome way on how to freeze kale that you need to follow right now.


Is it possible that Mackenzie is still hung up on her ex? Is is too soon for her to be in a new relationship?

Find her on Twitter here.