Kobe’s Pilot Ara Zobayan’s Girlfriend Tess Davidson

Tess Davidson

Tess Davidson is the beloved girlfriend of helicopter pilot Ara Zobayan; he was the pilot of former NBA Kobe Bryant who died in that terrible crash alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and 7 other passengers. Mr. Zobayan, 50, lived with his Tess, a single mother of two, whose sons loved Ara like a father.

47-year-old Tessie Tess Davidson (b. May 20, 1972) started dating Ara in 2009; she moved in with him from Clark, Oregon to Huntington Beach.

Tess Davidson an  Emergency Transport Rapid Response Team at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, has two sons; Michael and Nicholas Andrew Hunt Davidson, 27, from Grants Pass, OR.

A close friend of Mrs. Davidson formerly known as Tessie Lynn Hunt, spoke about Ara, Tess and her sons.

He loved Tess beyond measure. That’s the saddest part,’ he said. ‘She’s not good right now. She’s with my wife. I’m in Oregon, she’s in LA… It’s hard to piece everything together right now.’

She has two boys. Ara was every bit an adoptive father to them. It’s hitting them and the whole family hard. Anybody that Ara touched in their life, I guarantee that they are suffering too.

He wasn’t a father, but he was every bit of an example of a man I would hope to be at his age. I mean he’s got about 15 years on me, and what he was to my kids, my family, the way he let us into his life, he’s the kind of guy you just wish the world was infected with.’