Arcan Cetin’s girlfriend Molly Bridges

Molly Bridges

Molly Bridges has been identified as the ex-girlfriend of Arcan Cetin, the Turkish Muslim suspect who killed five people at a Macy’s in a Washington Mall.

According to media, Molly the ex-girlfriend of the shooter at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington where five people died, his motive yet unknown, but is possible his breakup with former girlfriend and once a Macy’s employee Ms. Bridges send him over the edges.

Molly Bridges once the girlfriend of Arcan Cetin wasn’t even at the mall when he opened fire with one of the three rifles he had with him, and which were legally purchased by Cetin’s father.



Arcan Cetin, 20, from Oak Harbor , Washington but originally from Adana, Turkey. He was born August 20, 1996 to Hatice Marshall, no longer married or together to Arcan’s  father but married since 2003 to David  Marshall.

Arcan Cetin disturbed over breakup with his girlfriend Molly

Witnesses at the mall said Cetin yelled Molly’s name before he started shooting. According to some sources, Arcan and Molly dated back in 2014 and split up in January, 2015. She started dating Hawke Leach on March 29, 2015.


Molly, attended at Northeast Lauderdale High School, Tigard High School and Lakewood High School. Subsequently graduated from Pierce College in May, 2016.

Molly Bridges,  a former event coordinator at Skagit Valley College was a sales associate at Macy’s. She left Macy’s in March, 2015,  got a job at a massage parlor called Envy.

Some claimed Molly and her grandmother were at Macy’s, therefore shot and probably killed by Cetin. These claims were contradicted by other reputable outlets.

Neither Bridges nor her grandma were injured because there weren’t there in the first place.


According to police report four women and one man died at the Mall. Four of the victims names were Sarai Lara, 16, a cancer survivor, Shayla Martin, 52, a makeup artist, Belinda Galde a probation officer and her mother, Beatrice Dotson