Anne Twist Harry Styles’ Mother

Anne Twist

Anne Twist is one beloved celebrity mom. She is the mother of One Direction front man, Harry Styles and his sister, Gemma.

As you probably now, Anne Twist has gained fame after her son broke in the industry. One Direction fans not only have shown the love for her hunky son but also for Anne as well. That translates in Anne’s more than one million followers on Instagram alone.

But what else do we really know about her?

Anne Twist and Harry have a close relationship. In past interviews, Harry has revealed his mother as his biggest confident saying “I tell her everything, and she knows the truth.”


That makes Anne Twist the only woman in the world who could tell us why her son is promoting ‘blank space’ via Instagram?

Anne could also tell  us about her sons solo album. Finally she could gush about Harry’s new hairstyle.

Anne Twist has shows her support since the early stages of her son’s music ambitions.

She has been a supportive mom, to say the least. According to reports, she was in the X Factor audience every week in a “Harry has the X Factor” T-shirt.

The former officer worker, was also her son’s date at the 2013 Brit Awards.

The lovely mom of two was born Anne Selley. She was born October 21st, in Cheshire and currently resides in London.

Anne has been married a few times. She was first married to Harry and Gemma’s father, Des Styles. The former couple divorced in 2001. At the time Harry was seven and Gemma was 10.

She moved on to hubby number two, John Cox and she was known as Anne Cox for a while. Her second marriage didn’t last long. By 2013 she had wedded a third time, to current hubby, Robin Twist. Harry was best man at his mum’s wedding to Robin.

Since her son’s breakout in showbiz, Anne has kept an active profile with One Direction fans thanks to her interaction in social media. She can also be seen in the band’s concert film This Is Us, along with other family members of the band.

Anne keeps herself busy working with a number of charities. She is closely affiliated to Believe In Magic –which raises money for children in need of surgical procedures.

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