Top 10 Facts about New Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz


Following the death of King Abdullah at age 90, his half brother Crown Prince Salman Bin Abdulaziz ascends to the throne. Find out more about the new king of Saudi Arabia below.


#1. He is the 25th son of the founder of Saudi Arabia.

Born in 1935 in the capital Riyadh, King Salman is the 25th son of the founder of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz al-Saud. Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud received the pledge of allegiance from members of the royal family.

#2. He’s been married three times

First wife, Sultana bint Turki Al Sudairi with whon he fathered six children died in 2011. Second wife is Sarah bint Faisal Al Subai’ai and third wife is Fahda bint Falah bin Sultan Al Hithalayn.

#3. He is the father of 13 children.


His children from first marriage are Prince Fahd, Prince Ahmed, Prince Sultan (pictured above), Prince Abdulaziz, Prince Faisal and Princess Hussa. From his second marriage he only has one son, Prince Saud. Children from third marriage are Prince Mohammed, Prince Turki, Prince Khalid, Prince Nayif, Prince Bandar and Prince Rakan.

#4. He’s held different titles.


In 1954, at the age of 19, King Salman was appointed as the Emir of Riyadh, and governed the province for over 50 years. In 2011, King Salman was appointed as the kingdom’s defense minister, overseeing the entire armed forces. In 2012, he was appointed crown prince.

#5. He’s had experience representing the country.


He’s been standing in for the ailing Abdullah for several months by chairing cabinet meetings, representing Saudi Arabia abroad and hosting foreign dignitaries.

#6. He suffered a stroke.


He is reported to have had at least one stroke and has lost some movement in his left arm.

#7. There are rumors surrounding his health.

The New ruler is believed to be suffering from both Alzheimer’s and dementia but the rumors haven’t been confirmed.

#8. He is well known and respected.


He has a reputation for settling feuds within the large Saudi royal family. He is also respected for his 48-year record as governor of the capital, Riyadah, during which time the city’s population ballooned from 200,000 to 7 million.

#9. He is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

In 2013, the new king received the Lifetime Achievement Award of Al Turath Charity Foundation in the field of urban heritage.

#10. He will continue King Abdullah’s work.


Reports say on Friday morning the new king vowed to maintain the same approach as his predecessors.