Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil Croes, the internet personality and influencer first gained popularity after posting videos to social media.

Croes has enjoyed major success in the past year. The social media star, who is also a an actor and comedian, has become extremely popular across several social media platforms and has since amassed millions of followers and millions to her bank account.

Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Gil Croes, who his girlfriend is, Gil Croes success, his career, Gil Croes net worth and a lot more.

Gil Croes Net worth timeline

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil Croes Net worth timeline begins after he started making comedy sketch videos that he posted on Facebook.

He then found popularity on the lip-sync app, earning more than 5 million fans and over 24 million hearts.

He increased colossal fan following from his lip synchronizing recordings on or Tik Tok which he started in 2017 and where he is known for his short comedic posts.

His Jim Carey like expressions and funny body language earned him a massive following.

In June 2017, in ‘ Anaheim Convention Center, ‘ California, He had performed at ‘ VidCon US.

Gil Croes Net worth 2021

Accoridng to online sources, Gil Croes net worth in 2021 is estimated at approximately $1 million.
He’s made most of his money through TikTok videos, pre-roll ads on her videos, interviews, and meet-and-greet events. He earns around $26k per post.

Gil Croes Sponsorships

Gil Croes’s career grew rapidly because of the sponsorship deals he has made with several brands.
He has endorsed brands like Bang Energy Drink and Cash App, to name a few.

Gil Croes modeling deal

Gil has been working as a model. He also worked in a few brief videos as a director and actor.

Gil Croes early life

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil was born Gilmher Croes on July 7, 1993; the son of Gilbert and Susanne. Apart from his younger brother Jayden, he also has a sister whose name is Roxanne.

He grew up in the capital city of Aruba, Oranjestad, and attended the University of Aruba. He worked as a model and made comedy sketch videos that he posted on Facebook.
He is well known as an Aruban social media personality with millions of fans on TikTok, where he is known for his short comedic posts.

Gil Croes Career

The Aruban star is perhaps the best known social media celebrity in Aruba. As of 2021, Gil has 28 million TikTok followers, 8,600 Twitter followers, 1.1 million Instagram followers, 91,200 subscribers on YouTube and 20,000 likes on Facebook.

Gil Croes Net Worth

Prior to his TikTok and YouTube fame, Gil graduated college and started working as a model in Aruba making comedy and sketch videos for his social media accounts, at first his Facebook page. His videos on Facebook helped him gain followers and popularity as he became a content creator.

In 2014, Gil created his own YouTube channel to share his viral videos under his own name. Two years later, Gil and his brother, Jayden, created the popular YouTube channel CroesBros. All their videos have more than 34 million views, making them one of the most successful YouTube channels in Aruba.

Following the launch of their channel, the brothers collaborated with popular American YouTube star Rebecca Zamolo in 2017. Their video became one of their highest-viewed videos on the platform. That same year, Gil performed at the popular VidCon USA festival in Anaheim, California.

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil started posting to before it became TikTok and rose to fame by posting viral comedy videos. Since joining the app, he has become one of the most followed personalities on the platform.
Following his success on social media, Gil got the opportunity to act in several short films.
Gil has won several awards for his work. In 2015, he won the award for Best Male Actor at the Aruba Short Film Festival. In addition, he was named Aruba’s Social Media Star in 2015.

Gil Croes Success and Achievements

With over 23 million followers on the platform, Gil Croes is the sixth highest-paid TikTok star, and possibly the most successful person named Gil. The Aruban model, actor, and influencer also shares a YouTube channel called CroesBros with his brother, Jayden Croes.
He is considered a multi-gifted character who is notable as an entertainer and internet based life star. In addition, he is viewed as one of the best media characters from Aruba.
During his school days, he used to participate in short movies so he was keen on acting first.
He has won Best Male Actor Award in 2015 at Aruba Short Film Festival 2015. Around the same time, he was reported “Internet based life Star of Aruba” in 2015. In 2016 he won the nomination fro ‘Comedian of the Year’ award on
He is often notorious in creating comedy content. He has a great sense of humor. He likes creating sketches with funny plot.

Gil Croes SETUP

Gil Croes rose to prominence by recording himself into his front-facing camera. He said when he first began producing content
“We were just making a lot of videos, and the likes started going up and up,” “Everything was happening so fast, and it’s like you can’t believe what is happening.”

Nowadays, he has his own studio setup to produce his videos and which is known as the Croesbros Studio.

Gil Croes Ventures

In addition to his solo work, among Addison Gil Croes ventures we can mention the CroesBros YouTube channel he runs alongside his younger brother Jayden.

Gil is one half of the CroesBros on social media, well known for their YouTube videos. The brothers have become popular YouTube stars for their comedy videos posted to the platform.
As one half of the CroesBros on social media, the popular YouTube channel he runs with his younger brother Jayden, the brothers have earned more than 1 million subscribers.
Jayden, often appears in his TikTok videos. In 2017, Gilmher and Jayden posted a video featuring the famous American YouTube star Rebecca Zamolo on their collaborative YouTube channel. The video continued to collect well over 7 million views and remains one of their channel’s most viewed videos. CroesBros’ is one of Aruba’s most popular YouTube channels with more than 25 million views for all of its videos.

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil also came up with his own merch line called Be free Be YOU. He said about the designs, ‘these words mean everything to us. We believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin, doesn’t matter your age,gender,race or color… BE who you want to be not what others want to see! So BE FREE & BE YOU!’

Gil Croes Girlfriends

Gil Croes Net Worth

Despite his hot looks, Gil Croes girlfriend is nowhere to be found. The content creator hunk has been very secretive about his romantic life and has shown no previous relationships in the past.
He is though to be currently single and currently married to his budding social media career.
One thing is for sure, the young internet personality seems to be enjoying single life to the max. He often posts photos where he’s having a good time at the seaside with a nice girl.

Bottom-line he possibly may have a girlfriend but none that he’s ever confirmed.

Gil Croes favorites

He has talked a lot about his affinity for tattoos and how he loves getting inked. He has quite the ink art collection including a tattoo of Lion energy on the back of his left shoulder. Other tats include a red rose tattooed on his left forearm.

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil is also widely known to enjoy open air exercises which incorporates skateboarding and biking.

As for his favorite foods, he loves barbecue.

Gil Croes Cars

Gil Croes Net Worth

Lessons learned from Gil Croes

Notable lessons we can learn from Gil Croes, include that he is very close to his family. He gets to spend a lot of time with younger brother Jayden Croes as he collaborates with him for the majority of his videos.
Both his parents have also been featured on his content across his different social platforms.

Gil Croes Net Worth

He is also an example of perseverance, Gil used to work as a salesman in Aruba, but his heart wasn’t in it. Instead, he dreamed of becoming a performing artist.

What does Gil Croes do now?

Gil Croes is continuously working on new and innovative content and posting throughout his different media channels.
In addition to his acting and modeling, he has expressed his dream of becoming a comedian and often updates with hilarious and goofy material.

Where can I find Gil Croes on social media?

Gil Croes is active on most common social media platforms including

Gil Croes Instagram

Gil Croes is active on Instagram where he has over 1 million followers.

Gil Croes Net Worth

Gil Croes Twitter

Gil Croes is active on Twitter where he has over 8k followers.

Gil Croes Facebook

Gil Croes can also be found on Facebook with 22k followers.

Gil Croes YouTube

Gil Croes runs his own YouTube channel which he began with his brother in 2016. They currently have over 1 million subscribers.

Gil Croes TikTok

Gil Croes is one of the most followed TikTok creators, currently boasting over 32 million followers.