Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain, the internet personality and influencer first gained popularity after posting videos to social media.

Nisha has enjoyed major success in the past year. The social media star, who is also a keen dancer has become extremely popular across several social media platforms and has since amassed millions of followers and millions to her bank account.

Want to know more? Keep reading and learn personal details about Nisha Guragain, who her boyfriend is, Nisha Guragain success, her career, Nisha Guragain net worth and a lot more.

Nisha Guragain Net worth timeline

Nisha Guragain Net worth timeline begins when she started sharing content through the TikTok app in September of 2018.

She made a Tik Tok Video on “Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata” song. After uploading that video it went viral and got over 2.5 million hearts on Tik Tok.

Other viral videos was a lip synch video to the song “Omabir” in January of 2019.

In 2020, she made a memorable appearance alongside Sultan Singh in the short film Aadat.

Also in 2020 she starred in the music video for “Romance Karoon” on Dhunkii Beats.

As of July 2020, Nisha has 31,000 followers on Twitter, 2.5 million followers on Instagram and 28 million followers on TikTok.

She is best known for giving the apt expressions in her videos.

She is considered the lip-sync queen and is lovingly called Angel Nishu by her fans.

Nisha Guragain Net worth 2021

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

According to online sources, Nisha Guragain net worth in 2021 is estimated at approximately $5 million.
She’s made most of his money through TikTok videos, pre-roll ads on her videos, interviews, and meet-and-greet events. She earns around $26k per post.

Nisha Guragain Sponsorships

Nisha Guragain’s career grew rapidly because of the sponsorship deals she has made with several brands.
She is a brand influencer on Instagram where she often showcases some of the world’s biggest fashion brands.

Nisha Guragain Pepsi deal

Pepsi recruited popular creators such as Nisha Guragain who took part in the challenge and with nearly 22 million followers, it meant the campaign really took off. #SwagStepChallenge became the fastest brand hashtag challenge to reach one million uploads and it currently has over 36 billion views on TikTok.

Nisha Guragain Celebistaan deal

Nisha is very passionate about modelling and dance and is managed by Celebistaan. The popular TikTok star and crowned muser, is also an Instagram brand influencer.
Celebistaan is a celebrity Management Company; which has a huge Network of Instagram and YouTube Influencers who can cater to the promotional requirements of the Brands, Films, Music Videos, Events etc.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain House

Nisha was born and raised in Mumbai with her family, which is in India. However, she’s no longer living in Mumbai. She currently calls Kathmandu home. That’s located in Nepal.

Nisha Guragain Early life

Nisha was born on 2bd October 1997 in Mumbai, she did her schooling from the blemishing city of Chandigarh.

She was born and raised in a Hindu family. The model has not disclosed much details about her parents; however, she has included them in some of her earlier videos and social media photos. Her family also includes her grandmother. Certain sources also claim that Nisha has a younger sister, but it has not been confirmed.
She shared a TikTok with her mother to her account in January of 2019.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain completed her education from a private school in Mumbai and pursued her graduation in the field of commerce.
She completed her B.Com graduation from Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. After that, she started modeling and started auditioning for roles in movies and TV series.

Nisha Guragain Career

Nisha Guragain has also appeared in music videos after gaining stardom through her TikTok videos. She first appeared in a 2019 Punjabi music video by Kay Vee Singh titled Na Ladeya Kar. Later, she featured in another music video called Jatta Ve Jatta by Sukh Sandhu, which released in the same year.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain enjoys a massive following across all her social media profiles. Her Instagram handle currently has over 1.1m followers and her posts are a boon for fans of street style and fashion. She is also an Instagram influencer.

Nisha Guragain has gained a huge popularity on TikTok and is amongst the biggest Indian stars on the video sharing platform. She first gained popularity and audience engagement after uploading a lip sync musical video on Mujhe Yaad Hai Aata Teri Wo Nazrein Milana. The video immediately went viral and earned her around 2.5 million likes at the time. As of now, Nisha Guragain has a staggering 21.6 million followers and 551.3 million hearts.

She has also been collaborating with other popular stars on TikTok, especially after crossing 10 million followers on the platform. Her most notable collaborations are with personalities like Riyaz, Manav Chhabra, and Faisal Shaikh.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha also has a YouTube channel where she occasionally posts videos for her fans. However, she is not much active on the platform.

Nisha Guragain Success and Achievements

The social media personality and singer from Mumbai, India; is best known for her consistent lip sync and fashion videos on TikTok.
In addition to her TikTok stardom she has managed to become a model, actress and influencer. She is known for her lip sync videos funny and romantic videos. Her social media accounts have a massive fan following and millions of followers.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

She is considered one of the most popular stars on TikTok in India. The Nepal native has also appeared in various music videos.
At 23 Nisha Guragain is one of the most promising stars and is living a luxurious life. And with her rising fame in the entertainment business, it is likely that her popularity will only go higher in the future.

Nisha Guragain SETUP

Nisha Guragain rose to prominence by recording herself into her front-facing camera. Nowadays her shooting content setup is a lot more sophisticated.

Nisha Guragain Ventures

Among Nisha Guragain ventures we can mention is her singing and acting career.
When she’s not in her own videos online, she’s busy starring in videos for major superstars. She’s been in a few Bollywood videos, and she’s been in Hindu music videos.
She has appeared in music videos such as ‘Rang Lagaya Tune’, ‘Romance Karoon’ and ‘Tik Tok’.

She is equally popular for her makeup videos and also she is known as Nisha Makeup & Beauty.

Nisha Guragain Boyfriends

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

She shares so much of her life on the internet, but she doesn’t share everything. She’s good at keeping her private life to herself.
At the moment, it is believed that she is single. She doesn’t appear to have a man in her life right now, though that might be one of those things that she is working hard to keep to herself.
Is not clear as she is yet to make a relationship official, that said she’s had some serious relationships in the past.
She used to be in a romantic relationship with a fella named Ramzan Kutty.

Ramzan Kutty is on tiktok as well and can be found on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

Nisha Guragain favorites

She loves to spend time with her family and indulges in the age-old Yoga Practice along with indoor sports to keep herself fit. She is also a dog lover and owns a dog herself.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

When it comes to food, Nisha loves Chinese food.
Nisha has several favorite actors, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan. Her favorite actress is Kareena Kapoor.
Her favorite musicians include Pritam, Vishal-Shekhar and Amaal Malik. As for her favorite singer she also has several; Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal, Armaan Malik, Badshah and Neha Kakkar. Her favorite songs include Rang Lagaya Tune and Romance Karoon.
Her favorite colors are black, white and red.

Nisha Guragain Cars

Among her car collection, Nisha Guragain is said to drive a Honda.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Lessons learned from Nisha Guragain

Notable lessons we can learn from Nisha Guragain, is her bravery. Last summer an MMS video of her and a friend was leaked to social media. Upon learning of the footage she immediately went live and said the video was morphed and it was not her.

Because of the fake video, Nisha Guragain’s name spread over the whole social media and breaking the internet of India for all the wrong reasons.
Nisha came under fire after someone released the allegedly inappropriate video of her online, though the star denied it was her in the video. The video was shared thousands of times, although Nisha pleaded for people not to share the inappropriate content.

Shortly after, another video of Nisha was released with her boyfriend at the time, Ramzan. According to the TikTok star, the video was accidentally posted on Snapchat and from there, edited and shared out of context. She filed a police report with her local police regarding the video.

What does Nisha Guragain do now?

Nisha Guragain is continuously working on new and innovative content and posting throughout her different media channels.
In addition she has expressed that her dream is to become a Bollywood actress and the biggest TikTok star in India so she might be appearing in acting projects soon.

Where can I find Nisha Guragain on social media?

Nisha Guragain is active on most common social media platforms including

Nisha Guragain Instagram

Nisha Guragain is active on Instagram where she has nearly 5 million followers.

Nisha Guragain Net Worth

Nisha Guragain Twitter

Nisha Guragain is active on Twitter where she has over 30k followers.

Nisha Guragain Facebook

Nisha Guragain can also be found on Facebook.

Nisha Guragain YouTube

Nisha Guragain runs her own YouTube channel which she began in 2020 . She currently has 1,288,041 views.

Nisha Guragain TikTok

Nisha Guragain is one of the most followed TikTok creators, currently boasting 28 million followers.