Racquel Bettencourt DJ Avicii’s Ex-Girlfriend

Racquel Bettencourt

Meet Racquel Bettencourt; she is the **** girl who once dated the fav Swedish DJ Avicii whose real name is Tim Bergling. Want to hear the rest?? Check this out!

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We are even going to discuss the shady comments about Avicii’s girlfriend Racquel Bettencourt posted on The *****, or how sad Avicii’ e-girlfriend Emily Goldberg is about they dating, we are just going to tell you about a few things we learn about this **** lady.

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Racquel Bettencourt the Canadian, leggy brunette was born in Ontario; she is currently living in L.A where she enjoys blogging about fashion.

If we are correct, Racquel completed 7 courses at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising; before that Racquel attended SOMA or the School of Makeup Art in Toronto.

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It is unknown how long Ms.Bettencourt and Avicii have been dating, but they have become inseparable for the last couple of months, he has even purchased some insane crib in Cali.

Racquel Bettencourt Avicii girlfriend 2013 imagePin

Racquel has her fashion blog here, sadly she has not been posting, you can also follow her on Twitter here and Google+ here

Furthermore, Avicii and  Racquel moved in together eventually, but they split up in 2014. Avicii who died suddenly at the age of  28, was dating Tereza Kacerova.