Who is Travis Turner’s Girlfriend?

Travis Turner

Travis Turner, the Canadian rapper and actor best known as ‘Little T’ –currently voicing a black kid on Netflix’s new animated Spy Kids –is apparently a single fella.

30-year-old Turner has been in showbiz for a while now, born in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada –he began his career as a hip-hop artist who performs live in Vancouver. His album “Back To Basics” is available online. He has performed with acts such as; Macklemore, Lil Kim, D12, Warren G, and B-real of Cypress Hill.

According to his IMDb page, he landed his first major role in the Battlestar Galactica follow-up, Caprica and is also well known for his role as Aster on the series Some Assembly Required.

Travis Turner

Other roles include Fairly Legal and Supernatural. He starred in the sequel to Marley & Me, titled Marley & Me: The Puppy Years, in 2011. The white actor has performed in stage adaptations of notable titles, including Peter Pan, Lord of the Flies, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

When it comes to matters of the heart, the short Canadian rapper, singer songwriter has had difficulty with women in the past partly because of his short height. He is only 5 ft 1 in.

According to Hitberry, he had even claimed that most of the women he’s dated were “Fame hunters”. We honestly hope he has someone by his side since the blonde actor seems to be in a bit of a pickle these days. He’s been accused of not being ‘fit’ to play the voice of a black kid in Spy Kids –however, Turner told TMZ he was “urban” enough for the gig … partly because he grew up in motels?

He quickly issued an apology saying “comparing my upbringing to the struggle that African American people have experienced for generations was very wrong and not my intention…”

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