Perla Ferrar: Guitarist Slash’s Wife


Breakup Alert! Perla Ferrar Hudson, the lovely wife of 13-years of Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Slash have allegedly separated!


39-year-old Ferrar is also the mother of the couple’s two sons, London Emilio who was born August 28, 2002 and Cash Anthony, born June 23, 2004.


This is not the first time we hear the couple struggling, four years ago in 2010, it was Slash who filed for divorce but two months later they had rekindle their romance.


Ferrar first met her man at a GUNS N’ ROSES concert afterparty in Las Vegas. They tied the knot in Hawaii back in 2001.


Perla has been credited for much of the famous rocker staying clean and sober. Reports say he has been clean for nearly 10-years.

Slash and Perla renewed their wedding vows in August 2011 for their tenth anniversary. The Hudsons promised to cherish, trust and honor each other, to give each other and their boys unconditional love and share the journey of the rest of their lives.

Are you stunned by their sudden break-up?

You can find her on Twitter here, she also keeps a YouTube channel.