Joe Gonzalez: Sofia Vergara’s ex- Husband


Meet Jose Luis Gonzales, known to everybody in Barranquilla, Colombia as “Joe.” He is mostly known in “pop culture” for being the first husband of the talented and gorgeous Sofia Vergara.


Sofia Vergara and Joe Gonzalez were childhood sweethearts. The two have a son together named Manolo. Unfortunately their marriage didn’t work and a year later they parted ways. After the separation she studied dentistry for about three years.


At the time Sofia was 18, and Joe who is almost a decade her senior, was in his late 20’s.


Other versions state that, when Sofia’s career took off, the travel put a strain on their relationships, and they separated amicably.



Joe who is the son of Ricardo González Ripoll, who served as a former Barranquilla mayor (twice). His father was also known, possibly as the most popular of the city’s architects.

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara Sofia vergara son

Spanish media writes that Sofia’s family was against the relationship but Sofia was attracted to his personality and they began meeting secretly until the courtship became too obvious. Joe used to wait for her outside her school with his bike.


Joe is certainly a lucky guy, now in his early 50’s he is married to another gorgeous woman named Annie (pictured above). Manolo has at least one more sibling on his father’s side.

Joe Gonzalez Sofia Vergara wedding photoJoe Gonzalez Sofia Vergara wedding picture

Joe Gonzalez Sofia Vergara wedding picJoe Gonzalez Sofia Vergara wedding

We certainly shall not fell bad about Gonzales with Sofia’s recent engagement to Joe Manganiello, looks like the first Joe is doing pretty good!

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