Jania Jackson 5 Facts About NBA YoungBoy’s Girlfriend

Jania Jackson

Ms. Jania Jackson is the girlfriend of NBA YoungBoy;  The young New Orleans native rapper famous for his hits songs No Smoke, Outside Today, and Untouchable got himself in the middle of a nasty story, but check out the five facts we know so far about his girl.

Jania Jackson

  • Jania and the 18-year-old rapper made headlines video footage showed him body slamming his girlfriend Jania. He was arrested later that night.

Jania Jackson NBA YoungBoy

  • Jania took to Instagram live video and said NBA YoungBoy, born Kentrell DeSean Gaulden never hit her.

“I was pulling him. That’s just us. That’s how we like to play. And, um, Kentrell always asks me if I’m ready to go home. He always asks me. ‘Nia, you ready to go home?’

“I don’t wanna go home. I like being with him. So, if I was being held under my will, wouldn’t that mean that he’s didn’t ask me that? Kentrell asks me that all the time.”

“So kidnap? F*ck no. Nobody getting kidnapped. Has he ever put his hands on me? F*ck no. Do we play a lot? F*ck yeah. We 18. We’re 18. What do y’all expect? What do y’all expect?

“So yeah. Mind y’all business. Get y’all some business. Think what the f*ck y’all want, nah, don’t think what the f*ck y’all want because y’all making false allegations. Yeah. We good. I promise y’all that.”

  • Both of them have their named Tattooed on their faces.

Jania Jackson

  • 18-year-old Jania Jackson from Houston, Texas will graduate.

Jania Jackson

  • Jackson is a senior at  KIPP Sunnyside High School, where she is also a member of the girls’ volleyball team.

Jania Jackson

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