Deanna Gines- Chris Brown’s Heat Ultra Lounge Accuser

Heat Ultra Lounge  Chris Brown Deanna Gines

According to TMZ a girl identified as Deanna Gines claimed she was at the Heat Ultra Lounge in Orange County where Chris Brown had just performed, but when the bar was just about to close Chris shoved her to the ground, falling hard on her knees and leaving her with  a torn ligaments in her right knee, and has already been told she may have to have surgery. Brown’s lawyer said they are aware of the accident but the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense.

DeAnna Gines Chris Brown accuser picture

This is what we know so far about Chris Brown’s violence assault accuser..

25-year-old DeAnna S. Gines from San Diego, California stands at 5’10”, lived in Labadieville before moving to San Diego in 2006. She is an aspiring model and actress.

Not just this Ms. Gines’ statement might sound ridiculous to you, but you are about to hear the best, so she said she was told she might need to go under the knife, but when she was asked if she was planning to sue Chris, she said she just want an apology. Good luck trying to pay for that surgery with an apology.

But wait this is not over,  the owner at Heat Ultra Night club, said Chris never tossed Deanna Gines, after hearing what witnesses had to say, mall security, and club security it turned out that Gines had repeatedly tried to jump on stage during Chris’ performance at the club, she then tried to rush Chris in his roped-off VIP area, ultimately Gines got tossed as a result of her behavior, the girl knew how the make an impression because  while she was being taken out, she took off her heel and tossed them at security.
This could be DeAnna Gines’s Facebook account here