Brian Blessed: From Bingo to Metal Music

Veteran British actor collaborates with legendary metal band

Music collaborations have changed the course of music history – bringing together two different genres and forming a new kind of sound. People always yearn for something new; and seeing two or more popular artists showing off their amazing talent in one song often results in a chart-topping hit. It doesn’t necessarily have to be two musicians working together – even actors and singers have collaborated for songs. A perfect example of this is Vincent Price, who is known for his role in classic horror films. The actor worked with Deep Purple’s Roger Glover for the live album version of “The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast”. Because of his close relationship with the rock group Deep Purple, the band entitled their 2013 album “Vincent Price”.

Following the footsteps of Vincent Price is another veteran actor Brian Blessed, who is famous for his Shakespearean roles. The legendary British actor, who recently shared his deep voice to BingoGodz, has taken a new role. After finishing his recording as a bingo caller, Blessed switched to metal music by collaborating with American metal band Manowar. It comes as no surprise since Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards gave the “Spirit of Hammer Award” to Blessed last June 2013.

Manowar celebrates their 25th anniversary by launching the “Kings of Metal 2014” album, which is a new rendition of the band’s album that was released in 1988. Included in the album is “The Warrior’s Prayer”, which featured the narration of Brian Blessed. The actor seems to have enjoyed doing one of his passions and even tweeted “I had a fantastic time with @MANOWAR in the studio yesterday, re-recording the Warriors Prayer. DEATH TO FALSE METAL!!!!”

So what else do metal heads can expect from the anniversary album? Bassist Joey DeMaio said in an interview published by, “It will contain new arrangements and changes that incorporate live performance elements added over the years. The album will feature additional bonus material and many other surprises.” That’s something worth-looking forward to in 2014.