Amanda Abbington- The Hobbit Actor Martin Freeman’s Girlfriend

Amanda Abbington Martin freeman pictures

Martin Freeman is the British actor who portrays Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit, but his impressive career is  not the only interesting aspect of Freeman’s life, because he has some stunning, talented longtime girlfriend of his own, her name is Amanda Abbington, sounds familiar

Of course the name Of Martin freeman’s girlfriend sounds familiar to you, after all Amanda Abbington is also an actress and a darn good one.

Amanda Abbington bio

39-year-old Amanda Abington was born Amanda Jane Smith on February 28, 1974 in London, UK. Amanda gain notoriety as her role as Maude in the 1997 television series Plotland were she was a guest in 6 episodes.

In 1998 she was in the t.v series No Sweat, Picking up the Pieces and Magic With Everything, the following year she starred as Jen Reynolds in Casualty  and as Zoe in Snap.

Abbington appeared in two episodes of the t.v series the Dream Team as Marilyn Harwood and as Lisa in the Thing about Vince.

she met her beloved boyfriend Martin Freeman on the set of  the  television movie Men Only where she portrayed Trina. With Martin Amanda also appeared in The Debt, The Robinsons, The All Together and The Finkels.

Other work Amanda Abbington did was for Coupling in 2004, Polly in 2005, The Booze Cruise II and III, The Good Night, Man stroke Woman in 2007, Harley Street , Coming Up and Agatha Christie: Poirot in 2008.

In 2009 she starred in Psychoville, the following year in married Single Other, Money and Ghosted. as Anna in the 2011 t.v series Postcode, Being human in 2012Case Histories this year and  don’t miss her in the t.v series Mr. Selfridge and Sherlock in 2014.

Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman are the proud parents of their two adorable children son Joe and their daughter Grace.

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