Billie Paulette Montgomery Joe Perry’s wife

Billie Paulette Montgomery

Billie Paulette Montgomery is the rock wife of musician legend, Joe Perry. Her 65-year-old guitar player, singer, songwriter and Aerosmith co-founder husband collapsed during a performance with the Hollywood Vampires over the weekend and had to be hospitalized.

Long time wife, Billie Paulette Montgomery must have had quite the scare after her husband began stumbling during the concert’s first song, then sat down in front of the drum before walking off stage and collapsing. According to his twitter account Perry is said to be in stable condition.

Perry who is known for Aerosmith has also had a successful solo career, over the course of three decades, Aerosmith has sold more than 150 million albums and earned four Grammy Awards, 12 MTV Video Music Awards, two People’s Choice Awards, eight American Music Awards, an Academy Award and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Joe’s fourth solo album, 2005’s Joe Perry, not only received universal praise from journalists across the country, it earned him his first solo Grammy nomination for Best Instrumental Song (“Mercy”).

His previous solo works–as the “Joe Perry Project”–include the self-produced Let The Music Do The Talking (1980) and Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker (1983), along with I’ve Got The Rock ‘N’ Rolls Again (1981), all of which were recorded at a time when Joe was on a 5-year hiatus from Aerosmith.

Born Anthony Joseph “Joe” Perry on September 10, 1950; he became one of the world’s true Guitar Hero’s, In June 2013, Perry was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame at the organization’s 44th Annual Induction and Awards Dinner.


Billie Paulette Montgomery and Joe Perry are one of the most famous Rock Star couples, they have been married for 31-years. The blonde met Perry while he was making his “Black Velvet Pants” video in 1983 and the rest is history.

Billie Paulette Montgomery who goes by Billie Perry is Joe’s second wife. Her husband was previously hitched to first wife, Elyssa Jerret from 1975 to 1982, from that marriage Perry became the father of son, Adrian.

Billie Paulette Montgomery and Joe have been married since 1985, together they are the parents of adult sons, Tony and Roman Perry. Billie Paulette Montgomery is also the mother of another son, Aaron, from a previous relationship. Their youngest son, Roman is a composer of electronic music and has worked with Joe in the past, while Adrian and Tony are also into the music business.

The life of a rock icon wife mainly consists of being extremely supportive of her man’s career, something Billie Paulette Montgomery has done extremely well, she is often with him on tours and keeps his social media up to date.

She is also super involved in his music and other events. Her face famously graces one of Joe’s guitars.

In June 2006, Perry and his wife Billie hosted a concert for the town of Woodstock, Vermont, where they have a home, by the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars. Later that year, Perry joined the All Stars on stage for a medley of Bob Marley’s “War” and “Get Up Stand Up.” The couple also ensured that the band would continue to pursue their music by providing them with instruments, along with a MAC computer for the youngest member.



Perry and his family are well-known animal lovers and helped to fund the building of a new animal shelter in their community. They were also instrumental in bringing awareness to the Friesian Horse. Twenty years ago, Joe and Billie were the first in the New England area to own a pair of the once endangered breed, a cause Billie is very involved with.

When Joe and his wife Billie are not crisscrossing the globe, they spend their time between Vermont, Massachusetts, Florida and Los Angeles.

You can find Billie Perry –who describes herself as world affairs, bibliophile, photographer-artist-lite, lives using lost ways of the past,a wanderer, barefoot, slow dancer, loves people animals, red polish, wildflower –on Twitter here.