Audely Robles: Rapper Joe Budden’s Girlfriend

Audely Robles Joe Budden ex girlfriend picture

Audely Robles is the girlfriend or ex-girlfriend of rapper Joe Budden who was allegedly slammed brutally the same way Chris Brown brutalized ex-Gf Rihanna.

rapper Joe budden has been accused of slamming his ex-girlfriend bartender Audely Robles #joebudden #audelyrobles #thepalace #rapperrwags @dailyentertainentnews 

rapper Joe budden has been accused of slamming his ex-girlfriend bartender Audely Robles #joebudden #audelyrobles #thepalace #rapperrwags @dailyentertainentnews

According to media, rapper Joe Budden has been accused of pummeled his ex Audely on Sunday because he was angry at seeing Instagram photos of her clubbing with other men. Robles had recently dumped him and he wasn’t happy to see her with other men in Washington Heights.

joe-budden-injury-photos-Audely roblesjoe-budden-injury-photos-Audely robles pic

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Witnesses said Budden dragged Audely out to his car and then allegedly choked her before shoving her into the dashboard. He drove to his New Jersey home where the beating continued. The case is under investigation.


Remember that Audely Robles is not the only woman who has been attacked by the rapper, his ex-girlfriend video vixen Esther Baxter suffered a miscarriage following an attack by the hand of Joe, he was arrested for this and he even wrote a song, ot about attacking her, but restraining her..

“I ain’t attack you, b—h I was restrainin’ you/But you was wifey, though I understand it was not a game/Could you imagine my surprise when the cops came/Handcuffed me, you pressed charges/But I made bail.”

Baxter and Budden dated in 2011, after that he dated another video vixen named Tahiry. Joe said Esther cheated on him with NFL player Derrick Ward, at the time this what Baxter said about the attack..

“He came into the room and grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me out of the room multiple times. And basically ended up choking me until I couldn’t breathe, slamming me up against the door,” Baxter explained. “I told him that if he didn’t stop I was going to call the police. So in an attempt to grab my phone from me, he threw me on the floor … and ended up just throwing me on my back and grabbing me by my wrist and sitting on my stomach for half an hour while I was screaming that I was pregnant.”

But what about this new ex-girlfriend accusing Joe of attacking her?

Audely Robles Joe Budden ex girlfriend-picture

There is much about this stunning 26-year-old curvy hottie Audely Robles from Guttenberg , New Jersey.  So far we know that he Hispanic hottie originally from Nicaragua is a bar tender at The Place and a single mother of one adorable little girl.

Audely Robles Joe Budden ex girlfriend pic

Audely Robles Joe Budden ex girlfriend-pics

Audely has been active on her Ask account, and she said she is not going to forgive Budden..

Audely Robles Ask