Sydney Liebes- Robert Pattinson’s Sexy Brunette/ Trainer


Meet 22-year-old Sydney Liebes of Thousand Oaks, she happens to be not only Robert Pattinson’s personal trainer but according to certain rumors Sydney his new lady of interest! Could that be true? if so I think many Twilight fans with any reconciliation dreams will be crush, Rob seems to be doing more than fine without Kristen Stewart…and it was a bout time!

The gorgeous brunette graduated from Westlake High in 2008 and attended California State University, Channel Islands where she studied Cell and Molecular Biology; below we can see a picture of her working with a physics professor at the university’s graduate studies center.

She has an older sister named Bailey Alexandra Liebes who also attended CSU Channel Islands and works as a Pharmaceutical Rep in New Jersey.


According to her Google + profile she has worked as a personal trainer since 2010 fro Ultimate Performance and Fitness and also has trained clients at Equinox Beverly Hills but nothing of Rob’s status so the actor is kind of her first big A-list client!

But how did they came to be? The stars aligned for girl Sydney Liebes when she was initially hired to bulk him up for his role in “Mission: Blacklist.” So as they worked together, the training went really well and they connected easily so according to sources Rob made the first move and invited her out.

Rob got to know Sydney’s down to earth, energetic and uplifting side during personal training sessions and that is how he reportedly fell for her!


Of course like any young and hot girl she does likes to party but with all the “good girl” descriptions she does have a wild side although nothing too crazy it seems.

On her MySpace we did find a picture of her with a hunky guy …and old boyfriend perhaps?



Here some of her dieting advice:

Go to Costco and get individual sabra hummus packs and individual packages of baby carrots! Portion control, delicious and nutritious! Apples and peanut butter are always tasty… cottage cheese with avocado or tomato… Edamame is sold now on microwavable steam packages at Costco too! Woo hoo! So many choices!





That last picture was taken just a few weeks ago? Could that be Rob Patz? What do you think of the couple, could Sydney be Bella to Robert Pattinson’s Edward?? and the answer is “NO” Sydney confirmed she are Robert Pattinson are 100% NOT DATING and that she is already is a serious relationship, we guess with this guy, who Daily Entertainment News can officially identify as sexy James Williams or like I like to call him, ridiculously sexy washboard abs where I wouldn’t mind eating from.

Sydney Liebes boyfriend James Williams pic

Sydney Liebes boyfriend James Williams picture Sydney Liebes boyfriend James Williams

You can find her on Facebook here and on Twitter here.