Lynda Carter Husband Robert A. Altman

Robert A. Altman

Meet Mr. Robert A. Altman; he is the loving and caring husband of actress Lynda Carter. His wife became famous for her role as Diana Prince in the  70’s t.v series Wonder Woman; Mrs. Carter who is also a singer and songwriter was Miss World America in 1972. But no doubt you already knew that therefore let us tell some interesting things about her husband.

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Robert A. Altman one of four children born to Jewish parents Norman and Sophie Altman, was born in 1974, in Washington, D.C. Both of his parents graduated from Ivy league Universities; Sophie who worked in broadcast television from Yale and Norman the founder of Krooth and Altman law firm was a real estate lawyer graduated from Harvard Law School.

Robert and Bethesda Softworks founder Christopher Weaver founded ZeniMax Media in May 1999, Weaver forced to leave ZeniMax in 2002, filed a lawsuit prior to leaving, but they managed to settle an agreement our of court.

Prior to ZeniMax Media, Mr. Altman worked as an attorney in Washington, he was one of the lawyers of the law firm Clifford and Warnke. He eventually left the firm and oped his own, Law Offices of Robert Altman.

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He and Lynda Carter tied the knot on January 29, 1984; they live in Potomac, Maryland with their two children Jessica and James.

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Before her marriage to Mr. Altman, Lynda was married to manager and film producer Ron Samuels from May 28, 1977, to February 1, 1982.