Wiz Khalifa Mom Peachie Wimbush

Peachie Wimbush

Peachie Wimbush is the loving mother of rapping star, Wiz Khalifa. The mother-son duo have a close relationship. Peachie has been seen accompanying her son in red carpet events.

Her son has been around since 2006, when he released his debut album Show and Prove. He gained notoriety for his hit song “Black and Yellow,” which hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and he won a Billboard Music Award for Top New Artist in 2012.

He won a BET Award for Best New Artist in 2011 and his song “Young, Wild & Free” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2013.

Peachie was born Katie Wimbush-Polk. According to her LinkedIn, the Canonsburg, Pennsylvania resident, served in the United States Forces. From 1983 until 1991 she was a staff sergeant appointed to Andersen AFB Guam, Minot AFB ND and RAF Upper Heyford UK.

peachie wimbush

In 1996, after living in Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan, Peachie decided to relocate her family to Pittsburgh, to plant roots for her children. She gave birth to Cameron Jibril Thomaz –aka Wiz Khalifa –on September 8, 1987.

Peachie Wimbush divorced Wiz Khalifa’s father, Laurence Thomaz, when he was aged three. He graduated from Pittsburgh’s Taylor Allderdice High School but showed an interest in music from a young age.

He got a tattoo of his stage name at age 17. Wiz which is short for wisdom and Khalifa that means “successor” in Arabic.

Peachie is certainly a proud mother. She was raised in the projects and learned from her mother, her grandmother, and her great-grandmother. The mom, wife, OG, veteran, wellness advocate and Philanthropist was honored in 2016.

She was honored as a mother who’s made a significant contribution to our community, for her support to Three Rivers Youth (TRY), a nonprofit that preserves and unites families, combats homelessness, enhances educational opportunities, and builds life skills for at-risk youth.

Peachie Wimbush

Earlier this year, Peachie revealed on Instagram the loss of her daughter, Dorien Lala Thomaz. No cause of death was revealed. Khalifa’s older sister was 32-years-old.

Peachie Wimbush is also the proud grandmother of Wiz Khalifa’s son, Sebastian Taylor –born in 2013 from his marriage to Amber Rose. Her son and the glamour model began dating in 2011, got engaged in 2012 and were married for about a year before splitting in 2014.

Divorces are hard and Peachie would know, she had two failed marriages. But it seems she isn’t a friend of her son’s ex either. Reports say Peachie recently filed a defamation suit against Amber Rose.

You can find Peachie Wimbush on Instagram here.