Judge Judy’s Husband Jerry Sheindlin

Jerry Sheindlin

Jerry Sheindlin is the proud husband of TV’s most beloved judge, Judy Sheindlin. Jerry’s wife has had thought her career a significant impact on television and tremendous popularity around the world.

According to her website, Judge Judy began her career in family court in the early 70’s. In 1986, she was appointed the Supervising Judge in Manhattan’s Family Court. She heard more than 20,000 cases during her career.

She then was tapped to teach all newly elected and appointed Family Court Judges for almost a decade. In the family court she earned a reputation as one of New York’s most effective judges. She is credited with pioneering an “open court policy,” allowing the public and the media to view the family court process.

After her appearance in “60 Minutes” following an LA Times article in 1993, she was approached about the possibility to appear on TV with her own show, presiding cases on television. The show premiered in September 1996. Judge Judy has been the #1 show in daytime television since the 1998-99 season and the #1 program in first-run syndication for the last six consecutive seasons.

With numerous stellar professional accomplishments, Judge Judy is certainly many things, among them, a judge, a celebrity, a NY bestselling author, a pop culture icon, an entertainer, a Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Famer. But she is also a mother and wife.

Jerry Sheindlin

What you may not know, is that her husband of many years is also a judge!

Jerry Sheindlin is a retired judge, who worked in the Supreme Court of New York. He was born Gerald Sheindlin on November 19, 1933.

Jerry Sheindlin

Jerry authored 64 published opinions, including a 46-page opinion on the admission of DNA forensic evidence in a murder case. He is also the author of two books, Genetic Fingerprinting: The Law and Science of DNA Evidence and Blood Trail.

Jerry Sheindlin had a brief career on TV appearing in one season of The People’s Court. He and Judge Judy first tied the knot in 1977, the second marriage for both. He became the stepfather of Judy’s son Adam from her marriage to first husband, Ronald Levy.

At the time he was also the father of one son, Gregory Evrett Sheindlin –born in 1965 from his marriage to first wife, Suzanne Shiendlin.

Jerry Sheindlin and Judge Judy hit a rough patch and divorced in 1990. The two however got back together and re-married in 1991. Since then, the two have been inseparable. Talking about his famous wife, Jerry Sheindlin said

She is real, she’s grounded and she has this fabulous sense of humor.’

Between the two, they are the proud parents of five adult children: Gregory, Jamie, Jonathan, Adam and Nicole. All of their children attended law school with the exception of Jonathan Sheindlin –who is a surgeon.

Jerry Sheindlin and Judy are also grandparents to at least 13 grandkids.