Vanessa Marquez ER Actress Killed by Cops

Vanessa Marquez

Vanessa Marquez is a former actress who was killed by cops at her home in California.

Vanessa, a California native born on December 21 1968; appeared in a number of TV shows and films back in the 90’s –most notably on the first three seasons of ER.

TMZ reports, that she was suffering from mental issues prior to her death on August 30th. She was tragically shot and killed by police officers after police arrived to conduct a welfare check on her at her home in Pasadena. Police was called to her home by a landlord to check on her.

Officers discover she was having a seizure and after spending over an hour with her she grabbed a gun, that’s when police opened fire. Reports say police later found out what appeared to be a handgun was a BB gun. Marquez was 49-years-old.

Vanessa Marquez

Last year, Vanessa Marquez grabbed headlines after she publicly said she had been blacklisted in Hollywood by George Clooney. She claimed on Twitter that she was fired from her role on ER because she made claims of sexual and racial harassment on set.

Marquez had alleged she was groped on the set of “ER” she claimed that when she complained to the producers, she was exiled. Clooney was quick to deny her claims.

Vanessa Marquez is best known for her appearances in ER –where she played Wendy Goldman; an episode of Seinfeld and in the 1988 movie, Stand and Deliver. She appeared as Ana Delgado in the Edward James Olmos-starring film “Stand and Deliver” in 1998. Her other credits include the series “Malcom & Eddie” and “Wiseguy.”

It is believed that Marquez was not married at the time of her death. According to her IMDb page she was featured on A&E’s Intervention –where she revealed to be suffering at the time from a severe shopping addiction accompanied by depression, OCD, and other psychological problems.