Tyler Veiga- Boston Marathon Victim Sydney Corcoran’s Boyfriend

tyler veiga

Boston will forever be scared for the tragic terror attacks of last April 15, where two pressure cooker bombs exploded killing three people and injuring 264. One of those injurered was 17 year-old Sydney Corcoran. The young student, a resident from Lowell suffered injuries to both legs but her mother Celeste Corcoran a hair stylists took the worst part, loosing both her legs.

A month in half later the Boston marathon victims are trying to get back to their old lives but with new challenged ahead, that’s for sure. As one of those survivors Sidney happily attended prom along with her boyfriend Tyler Veiga. She turned 18 years old while she was still recovering at the hospital last month and it was only natural she bonded with other survivors; who among each other gave themselves hope, a smile, just a helping hand. That was Jeff Bauman, of Chelmsford who lost both legs at the bombings, he gave Sydney a birthday present while still hospitalized since the two had rooms near each other at Boston Medical Center.

Tyler’s girlfriend thought it would be impossible to attend her prom dance since her foot was severely damaged but after going through rehab she realized she could still make it! On April 15th. Sydney and her mother were among the many spectators watching by the finish line  at the Boston Mararthon when the bombs went off at around 2:49 pm EDT

Can you imagine the great strenght and characted to have gone through hell and still have the courage to move on, is by far one of the hardest things in life.

Now Tyler gets to take his beautiful girlfriend to such an important rite of passage, PROM! 18-year-old Sydney looked absolutely dazzled along with Tyler just ready to have a good time at her senior prom with Lowell High School classmates at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium. But a surprised Sydney didn’t just went to Prom and had a blast, she was also crowned Prom Queen! With a little help of her crutches and her boyfriend, and despite the pain she was glad she could make it. Tyler and Sydney have been dating for a year and five months, cute couple!

“There’s some tough days and yesterday I had kind of a down day, but you just get through those days and you just power on, and the next day is another day, and it is prom day. So you can’t be sad on prom day,”

You can see Tyler’s Facebook here and Sydney’s here.

Congrats Sydney and God Bless!