Shilene George: Marysvile Shooter Jaylen Fryberg’s Girlfriend

Shilene George Jaylen Fryberg girlfriend pic

Shilene George was once the girlfriend of Jaylen Fryberg the freshman student at Marysville Pilhuck High School where he went on a  shooting spree, killing one of his closest friends, injuring 4 more. The motive apparently was over his ex girlfriend.

Jaylen’s recent tweets, he was upset about a friend going around his ex  girlfriend..

Jaylen Fryberg twitter pictures

Jaylen Fryberg twitter photo

Sources close to Jaylen and  his ex girlfriend Shilene, told media they had recently broke up, he was heartbroken.

Jaylen Fryberg twitter pictureJaylen Fryberg twitter pic

Shilene George, 15 is a sophomore at KHS.