Rosangela Biavati- Tourist Struck and killed instantly by Lighting in Guaruja.

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting

The tourist Rosangela Biavati , 36, who died on the afternoon of Monday , January 13, after being struck by lightning in Guaruja, Rosangela was calling her son and nephews to come out of the sea because of the bad weather when she received the electrical discharge .


Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting-picture

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting-pictures

Rosangela Biavati was with a group of 12 people, that included her husband Leandro Lopes Santos their son  and other members of her family and friends. They arrived in Guaruja at 12:00 p.m and wanted to spend the day in town .

Her brother , Elias Biavati , said the weather worsen at about 3:00 p.m ,  they were preparing to get going as soon as a family member returned ashore with their.

Rosangela Biavati went to the waterfront to call children to get out of the water , when she was struck by lightning .

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting pic

” It was very quick . She was excited about the tour and then was hit ,” said the victim’s brother .

Mrs. Biavati’s husband, Leandro Santos Lopes , and her sister also felt the impact caused by the electrical discharge. Leandro got a bruise on his face .

According to Elias , the group was not warned about the danger of being on the beach in that weather.

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting-photo

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting picture
Rosangela’s husband complained the lifeguard at the beach were not prepared for an emergency on the beach at the time of the accident . ” There were no equipment ,” said the report . According to him,his wife was rescued by swimmers and officials close to the site of a marina.

An expert from the Forensic Guarujá estimated that Rosangela has received a discharge exceeding 3000 volts . In the decision of IML , listed the cause of death a cardiac arrest .

Rosangela and Leandro has been married for thirteen years, they live in Ribeirao Pires, Sao Paulo with their 10-year-old son Leandro, she also has a teenage daughter Inara.

Rosangela Biavati struck by lighting_picLeandro Lopes Santos Rosangela Biavati husband children

The owner of clothing store where she worked as a sales clerk said she was a ” great salesperson, a cheerful and happy person.” “We have not sunk in ,” said Alves Neuma .

The body Rosangela left the IML of Guaruja at 5.45p.m today toward the cemetery Valley of Pine Trees in Maua , in Greater Sao Paulo , where he will be veiled still tonight . Her body will be cremated tomorrow.