Jessi Smiles (Jessica Vazquez)- Vine Star Curtis LePore’s Girlfriend

Curtis Lepore bio

Curtis LePore has become a star because of Vine, his girlfriend Jessica Vazquez also known as Jessi Smiles also became popular because of Vine and it was because of the notoriety they gained thru Vines that these two met, fell and love and now she is accusing him of raping her while she was sleeping.

Jessi Smiles bio

20-year-old Jessi Smiles  whose real name is Jessica Vazquez the Cuban, Miami Vine user who last year reached her one millionth follower on Vine and now she has more than two million, it was because of her popularity and the one her boyfriend Curtis LePore that one day they began flirting on Twitter, then DM’s and finally the moment to meet face to face came, that moment was immortalize  with the hashtag #curtisandjessimeet and because Nev Schulman from Mtv’s show Catfish filmed the entire meeting that took place in Washington Square  in New York City on August 4th.

Jessi Smiles Curtis Lepore photos

Things seemed to go well for a while, eventually they broke up in L.A, Jessi stayed there for a few days and got a concussion while filming a Vine video. allegedly Curtis found what happened and offered to help her while she was recovering, she then fell  asleep and then he raped her. Curtis was arrested for this on October and then released on a $1000,000 bail, he pleaded not guilty on Tuesday’s hearing.


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