Robert De Niro’s Wife Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower

Grace Hightower is the second wife of Hollywood star, Robert De Niro. The couple has been married since 1997 and share two kids together.

After being the wife of a high profile actor like De Niro, for close to 20-years, Grace is probably used to hearing her  hubby’s take, on anything and everything.

In this instance, her Oscar-winner hubby voiced his opinion about presidential nominee, Donald Trump.

De Niro did not hold back during his speech at the Hollywood Film Awards, describing the republican candidate as ‘insane.’

He capitalized on the slot, in front of an elite crowd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, comparing Trump to psychotic movie characters like, General Jack D. Ripper.

We know De Niro is a well regarded actor in the industry, so his opinion says a lot about who he is. Part of that opinion probably comes from his lovely and loyal wife Grace. So, for now, we want to tell you more about her.


Grace Hightower was born April 7, 1955. The Karmichael, Mississippi native is of Blackfoot Indian heritage and is often described as an actress, singer and philanthropist.

She met her then future husband in 1987 and 10 years later after a whirlwind romance, they tied the knot. She became a stepmom to De Niro’s children from previous relationships with both, first wife, Diahnne Abbott and Toukie Smith.

Grace Hightower gave birth to the couple’s first child in 1998. Hightower gave birth at age 42, to son Elliott –who is autistic. The couple split in 1999 but their divorce was never finalized.

In 2011 the couple welcomed second child, daughter Helen Grace, via surrogate.


The imposing woman has been very cautious of her private life, from past interviews we do know she worked as a hostess during the late 80’s. At the time she worked at Mr. Chow’s in London –where she met De Niro.

She was also a TWA flight attendant and lived in Paris, where she learned French.

After becoming the wife of a famous actor, her life obviously took a big twist. We’ve seen her gracing her hubby’s arm at numerous award ceremonies and red carpet events. She also had small roles in Lee Daniels’ Precious and The Paperboy.

Grace is known for being active with charitable causes in New York and around the world. Most recently, the mom of two became the founder and CEO of Coffee of Grace, a coffee maker and distributor that sources beans from Rwanda.

You can check her out on Twitter here.


According to recent updates on the status of the couple, it appears that De Niro and Hightower are heading for splitsville after more than 20-years of marriage.

A source told People the two are currently living apart, however this is not the first time Grace Hightower and celebrated movie star hubby De Niro have marriage issues. Robert De Niro actually filed for divorce in 1999 and engaged into a custody dispute over their son. The pair eventually smoothed things over and the divorce was dismissed.

A few years later the pair seemed to have completely worked thing through after renewing their vows in front of an A-list crowd in November of 2004.